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JUNE 24 2023

Frequently asked questions


What is a mud run?

Battle Grounds isn't a 10k/ 5k; in fact, it isn't a typical race at all! It is a fun-filled obstacle challenge run that involves playing through a lot of mud! It's a great time for friends, families, and adults of all ages to join together to conquer the course - whether they decide to conquer it together or alone and whether they want to walk it or run it. And yes, those up for the bigger challenge can conquer the course for competition against themselves and others.


I heard Mud Runs are for extreme runners, Is that so?

 You can't talk yourself out of this one that easy! If you are able to walk a few miles (wearing a "little" mud with you) you can do a mud run! You don't have to be a well-trained fitness guru to join in this fun, you just have to be able to walk the course and with that, you will get the sweet smell of victory as you cross the finish!




So is this just for fun and not for competition?

Not at all...Well, wait...yes, it's for fun...but not JUST for fun. It is also for those that want to compete, because that is fun, too! 

We want everyone to have fun and to achieve whatever goals they set for themselves!

Can I Skip an Obstacle Because I Don't Feel Confident?

Yes, BG asks that each participant makes their own personal risk assessment before each obstacle. BG is all about having fun, testing your skills & limits, and camaraderie with fellow Warriors. Each obstacle will test different mental and physical skills and there is no penalty for skipping an obstacle.

Where are you located? 

We are just south of Garwin Iowa! Directly in the center of Iow!


Questions? DOnt hestitate to contact us!!

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